A friend recently wrote to me and said "I genuinely have no idea how you manage three kids and a job. I honestly cannot wrap my head around it. You're a super mom."

As a shift worker's wife, I had to make the decision to stay home or send my kids to daycare so I could pursue my career as a teacher. We decided that that a full time position in education wasn't right for our family, so I put my brain to work and figured out how I could still financially contribute to the household while raising our kids at home.

The answer to this was finding multiple revenue streams that included a salary, careers with flexible hours, and a passive income I could make online.


1) I'm a photographer.

I've always loved taking pictures so there was no doubt in my mind that I could make this work. I took out a $10,000 loan, bought a second camera (I already had one), a few lenses, accessories and I started marketing. My first wedding was commissioned at $250, my second was $500. Yes you read that right. I showed a loss for the first year, but I worked hard, stayed persistent, and slowly grew my following. Networking, workshops, online courses, and practice. At this time, I only had 1 child so I was still able to work at my government job and paid for daycare part time (when Dad was working). Once I had my second baby, I knew this wasn't feasible anymore, but by that point, I had a steady stream of photography clients and we were able to make ends meet. Starting a home business that can be worked according to our schedule was the foundation to me working from home. If you're curious about starting a photography business, please reach out. I've taken new photographers with me to weddings and I'm always willing to offer advice. There are a lot of free resources and local photography groups that I can connect you with.

I graduated University with an Honours degree in Psychology and Business Administration. One quote I will always remember is "network marketing is about team building and it is a job where an average person can make an above average income". Many people I talk to say there is no money in network marketing and they can't do it. What people can't do, is a double back hand spring followed by the splits (well maybe some can). My point is, perhaps people enter into this line of business with the wrong mindset, not enough patience, an unsupportive team, and unrealistic expectations. This is a business where you can add to your overall income and have the potential to make great money as well as passive income. Let's say that you start making $250 a month. That is definitely not mind blowing, but if you were making $40,000 through another revenue path, your $250 a month would be equivalent to a 7.5% annual raise. I've had a few network marketing jobs in the past, but I'm growing with Monat. The compensation plan is one of the best I've seen, the start up fee is minimal, the support is unreal and I liked that you don't need to stock inventory or receive monthly auto ships. I joined Monat during Covid after I was unable to work my other jobs due to social distancing.If you're curious about Monat, just reach out. Our team is amazing and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

2) I'm a network marketer.

You may be thinking....hey, this isn't a work from home job. You would be right, but my decision to be a substitute teacher instead of a permanent teacher goes back to my main point about flexible hours based on my availability. Like many shift workers, I know what my husband's schedule looks like months in advance. This is beneficial to me because the days he isn't working, I can go online and change my availability to open. Additionally, this revenue path allows me to stay home when my husband is working and the kids are sick...which happens all too much.

There are also lots of online teaching overseas and tutoring jobs available. I am unable to do these because I'm up all day with the kids, and I'd have to be up to all hours of the night teaching due to the time difference.

3) I'm a substitute teacher.

Many of us have partners who are shift workers, but that doesn't mean you can't also contribute to the finances. If you can find opportunities that can be flexible enough to work with your schedule, I say take the chance. In-person, online, passive, and strategic investments are all great ways to increase your household finances.

I am unable to teach in the summer, I am unlikely to photograph weddings in the winter, but I can always add to my overall income through network marketing and strategic investments. If you aren't working online yet, you should be. And yes, if another opportunity passes me by, I will absolutely add it to my multiple streams!

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to increase your finances, and if you have any questions about anything.....don't hesitate.

When you can increase the number of revenue streams you have, financial freedom will soon follow